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Michèle Down, Change Catalyst

Lasting results for you
and your organisation
Powerful, creative coaching for optimal growth and development

I partner with a select number of individuals and organisations at senior executive level to facilitate change, stimulate creative thinking, and improve communication and relationships. My system of working is unique, an evolution of two decades of working at top level within both the public and private sectors. My experience is underpinned by a deep understanding of psychology, human behaviour and coaching theory, and my personal background as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.





Michèle's coaching sessions have made a tangible difference to our ability to develop and retain real talent, as well as contributing to the health and wellbeing of our organisation. On a personal level, I can honestly say, without Michèle's help and guidance, I would not currently be doing this job.

Vice President, Strategy & Operations, Global Publishing Company

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Would your organisation benefit from my approach?

I create a bespoke package to meet the individual needs of an organisation. Each programme is unique, but typical stages involve...


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