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When you book Michèle Down Dynamics Ltd, you get me. I never advertise and all of my work comes from word-of-mouth recommendations.


My results sell themselves. If you have found my website, chances are you already have an awareness of my work. But you may be seeking further clarification that I am the right coach-facilitator for your organisation.


I understand that it’s your responsibility to ensure you get the best ROI when engaging a coaching and facilitation service. I have a proven track record of 20 years of working with senior executives and their teams. I always work collaboratively so you remain fully engaged and aware of the process involved, and the progress.  

Getting on with your coach is vital. As a trained therapist, it’s my job to create a rapport with you. I offer you a strict code of confidentiality and am bound by the standard and ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I also sit on BACP’s Coaching Executive as their specialist in organisational coaching.


Being able to trust me is a really important part of the process. It's my job to engender that trust so that our work has meaning and is truly effective.


If you are serious about transforming the way your organisation works, and are ready for a dynamic process of change, let’s have a conversation.

“Michèle is a pitch perfect facilitator with outstanding coaching skills. Her solutions are informed and based on astute observations of workplace challenges. Undoubtedly the best facilitator I have worked with.”
Business Development Manager, SME
“The results have been impressive and far beyond anything we could have hoped for when we embarked on this process. As a team we have been quick to react to changing circumstances and have achieved more of our goals and outcomes in 12 months than we have in the preceding five years.”
Development Control Manager, District Council

About me

Bringing energy, humour, authority and integrity to the coaching process

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